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TL Research is TechnoLawyer's flagship newsletter with a singular focus on primary source material.
Each issue features contributions by a mix of TechnoLawyer members and legal industry luminaries, including brutally honest product reviews, best practices, and important industry data and trends.

The popularity of TL Research stems from the relevance of these grassroots observations to virtually everyone in the legal profession.

TL Research also contains links to our growing collection of Learnpapers — in-depth research reports created by TechnoLawyer. Learnpapers help law firms make informed decisions with less legwork.

TL Research is free. Use the form on this page to subscribe.

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There's nothing better than an expert -- except a free expert. Through the TL Research newsletter, I learn not just about the next big thing, but also how to better use the skills and tools I already have. TL Research is an invaluable tool for everyone in the legal profession.
- Jeffrey S. Lisson, Esq., Carter, Boyd & Lisson, P.C.
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