Small law firm, big dreams. Except perhaps for the one about the private jet, you can make them all come true with a lot of hard work, a little luck, and some help from the savvy SmallLaw team.
Written by successful small-firm founders, managing partners, administrators, and legal technology and practice management experts, SmallLaw provides practical advice on management, marketing, and technology issues in solo practices and small law firms.

Additionally, SmallLaw features comprehensive reviews of legal products with accompanying TechnoScore ratings.

SmallLaw also ensures that you won't miss anything published elsewhere by linking to helpful articles, podcasts, and videos about solo practices and small law firms.

Maybe that private jet isn't out of the question after all.

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TechnoLawyer's SmallLaw newsletter provides essential and realistic advice for solo and small firm lawyers thanks to its columnists who work in the trenches everyday. SmallLaw is my go to source for practice and technology information.
- Phil Rhodes, Esq., Law Office of Philip Rhodes
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