Advertising and Publicity Opportunities

TechnoLawyer pioneered email advertising in the legal market and has earned a reputation as for cost effectively and effortlessly generating Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs). Our combination of demographic targeting technology, rich selection of optimized email templates, and copywriting services are unrivaled in the legal market. We also create high-quality content marketing assets to fuel your ad campaigns. Download our Media Kit for details.

Scott ClasenDirector of Marketing, TimeSolv

Using TechnoReleases and Newsletter Flags is a guaranteed way for us to generate leads, but the copywriting services are the icing on top. I know they write TechnoReleases much better than I can and I lean on that service to make our releases second to none.

Joshua LenonLawyer in Residence, Clio

We used a TechnoRelease targeted to small law firms to offer a report entitled Lean Legal Guide: The Lean Business Canvas. We took advantage of TechnoLawyer's free copywriting service for TechnoReleases. Thanks to TechnoLawyer's copywriting wizardry, the TechnoRelease rocked as it achieved a 250% increase in clicks on our promotion. As a bonus, we can use the copy TechnoLawyer created for sponsored posts in other publications. Given their performance and value, TechnoReleases should be in every legal marketing budget.

Lisa ThaiMedia Supervisor, Thomson Reuters

The TechnoLawyer team has far exceeded any expectations over the years. They deliver great service from sending reminders to offering copywriting assistance. Their audience is engaging, which generates great results for my clients. KPIs vary from client to client, but whether it be thought leadership or driving form submits, my placements always perform well. TechnoReleases continue to be one of the top drivers of form submits for multiple clients. The team has been one of my favorite vendors to partner with!

John RyanCEO, Legal Matters Software

I would like to let you know how pleased I am with the results of the TL NewsWire Preprint that we ordered in connection with the launch of our Synergy Matters software. Not only did we benefit from the initial exposure both at the time of publication and at the end of the year when we won the TL NewsWire Top 25 Award, but the PDF reprint has become an effective talking point with sales prospects. We include a copy of the reprint with every brochure we send as it adds social proof that enhances the prospect's opinion of our product. Because we're not a household name, I cannot overstate the benefit of being covered as the feature article in TL NewsWire. It's definitely the most cost effective way to promote our new offerings.